Summer Technique

We are so excited to have you all with us this Summer! We are looking forward to many events, parties, and progress! 

Classes begin Monday, June 5th and end August 3rd

Standard Training

The first half of our classes will begin with the Standard style. We will discuss all aspects of ballroom, including partnering, musicality, shaping, frame, and much more. All 5 dances include: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennesse Waltz, and Quickstep will be discussed!

Latin Training

The second half of our classes will end with the Latin style. In this class we will also discuss technique, partnering, musicality, balance, strength, and much more. The 5 dances will include: Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso-Doble, and Jive.

Practice & Rounds

All students are welcome to come and join our open practice and rounds! However these are both included in our invitational only class. Please contact us if interested in joining these Practice & Rounds sessions!

Pricing for Kids/Youth

Kids 7-13 Years Old

Youth 14+

Unlimited Classes


8 Classes


4 Classes


Single Class


Teddy Bear Pricing

Unlimited Classes


Single Class



What if I need more classes?

Different than last year, we have decided to do one-time payments! This way you can calculate when classes are being used, so nothing goes to waste! If you need more classes, you are more than welcome purchase more as needed. 

What if I need a refund?

Per policy of our classes, we will not be refunding any classes. With our new one-time payment system, it will be up to you how many classes are used. Any unused classes will not be reimbursed. 

What is practice & rounds?

Unlimited Class Package includes all supervised practice and rounds. If you’d like to participate in either of these but are not on the unlimited package, please contact us and we will help you.

Who will keep track of my classes?

Before every class, please check in with somebody at the front desk, and we will notify you when you are running short on classes!

What is the dress code?

Please wear comfortable dance clothing. This does NOT include jeans, sweatpants, or anything of the sort. Please wear dance skirts or black leggings. As for shoes, we have shoes for sale, as well as practice wear for sale! If you need either, please let somebody at the studio know and we can get you fitted.