Daniel Pollack

Daniel is a two-time national champion, as well as a world show dance champion. He has been dancing for 5 years, and continues to grow his knowledge in ballroom, as well as other styles.

Alexis Pollack

Alexis Pollack has been dancing since the age of three. She has trained in styles including ballet, jazz, and tap. After dancing for Ballet West, Alexis chose to switch to Ballroom dance, and she's been competitively dancing and teaching ever since. Alexis is a three-time United States National champion, and World show dance champion. In addition to dance, Alexis is a Kinesiologist specializing in Exercise Science.

Elena Pollack

Meet Elena. She is the designer and creative director for Ladu. Born in Russia, Elena has been involved with ice skating and ballroom for most of her life. She has degrees from Russia in Art and Art Education, but now lives in Utah where she specializes in the art of creating exciting new designs for ice skating dresses and ice dancing outfits. Ladu designs for young, up and coming ice skating stars and for some of the most known ballroom dancers in the world. Ladu designs were recently worn by Jason Brown and Misha Ge in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Each and every custom designed outfit produced by Ladu is created for a champion performance.